Fresh Hope – 19th December 2016

I recently began to look over the birth of Jesus found in the book of Luke. This of course was a major event – one of which we still celebrate thousands of years later.

Upon Jesus being born, you would think that God would choose to break the news to Kings & Queens, people of great wealth and influence. After all, the Saviour of the world has just been born.

However, God chooses to announce the birth of His Son, Jesus to shepherds in a field…

This left me bewildered as to why the greatest event in history would be disclosed to sheep watchers who carried no influence and had very little ability to spread the word.

Until I realised that the Bible informs us that these shepherds had set night watches over their sheep. In other words, they were the only people awake whilst everyone else was asleep.

God didn’t choose to announce the news of Jesus’ birth to the elite, He chose to announce it to the available.

God isn’t looking for perfect people, He’s not looking for strong people, because they don’t exist – He’s looking for people who are simply available.

God wants to reveal Himself to you this Christmas time.
If you would stay alert to the fact that He is closer than you think, and realise that He wants to make Himself known to you, then watch what He will do in and through your life.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.