Fresh Hope – 5th January 2017

If I’m honest, and maybe I’m speaking for the majority here, I’ve felt pretty lousy today. It was my first day to be back in the office and I’m suffering from Christmas lag – that’s a new phrase I’ve just created.

I’ve so enjoyed the rest, the festivities and the food that my body is crying out for more. Instead of feeling energised I’m actually feeling more tired than when I started the Christmas break! In reality, I’m not more tired, how can I be with so much rest; it’s just that my body is craving more of what I’ve been feeding it – ‘give me chocolate’ was its cry at 3 o’clock this afternoon.

By tomorrow I am hoping to feel on top of the world again as my stomach gets the message that the biscuits, and the chocolate, and the Christmas pudding, and the sweets, and the rich food is well and truly over, at least for a while anyway.

Isn’t it amazing how your body can dictate your mood, your emotion, your energy and your desire to such an extent that you actually begin to believe that that’s the way things are going to be around here?

In the same way that over-indulgence can actually make you feel down about yourself, so the opposite is also true, in that when you subject your body to a fast of all the things that you crave, then you start to heighten the very things that matter most in life. Spirituality takes on a whole new level and senses that you feel you had lost forever start to return as you seek God, more than your next meal or box of chocolates.

Each year we start a corporate fast at the church and I always encourage each person to participate at whatever level they wish. No matter what you give up sacrificially in order to seek God, you will start to feel the incredible closeness of the Holy Spirit, even though you may battle at the same time with hunger pangs.

I encourage you to journey with us on this year’s 10 day fast and begin to experience God’s presence in a powerful way. I can guarantee that you will feel spiritually energised and renewed, not to mention the fact that you’ll lose weight into the bargain.

This year’s fast begins on Monday 9th January and ends on Wednesday 18th January.

Each day I will be sharing inspirational stories, teaching and prayer points to help guide you through your time alone with God.

Knowing that hundreds of other people will be starting their fast at the same time, will in and of itself be an encouragement to set this special time aside to seek God and to keep going until the end.

Be sure to join me each day from Monday onwards for a special prayer and fasting edition of Fresh Hope.

Pastor Mark

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