Fresh Hope – 7th January 2017

I love the story of Elisha and Elijah.
Elisha was his apprentice, his assistant and he was learning all he could from his Master Elijah.

In 2 Kings Chapter 2, we read how Elijah was about to die and he had to visit several places before he did. He urged Elisha to stay, but Elisha would not leave him.

Several times he told him, and several times Elisha insisted on sticking close to his Master.

When Elijah was just about to die, he asked Elisha what he would like “a double portion of what you have, I want your life to be mine” was his reply.

Here’s three things we can learn from this account.

1. Be committed. Elisha was so committed to Elijah and would not leave him, no matter where the journeys were going to take them.

Be committed to Christ and His Church.

2. Serve with clean motives.
Elisha had a heart for God and a heart to serve Elijah and he served with all his heart, because he was serving God. He did not put himself first.

Serve with clean motives, not for selfish gains.

3. Position yourself correctly.
When the time came for the blessing to be passed on, Elisha was right there with him.
Make sure you are exactly where God wants you to be.

Your time is coming to be mightily used by Him, just make sure you’re in the right place at that moment.

Pastor Gillian

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