Fresh Hope – 24th January 2017

I grew up with my older brother John, and my younger sister Stephanie.

In my sister’s bedroom was a huge built in toy cupboard and every year at about this time it would over filled with all of our ‘played with’ toys from Christmas that needed a home.

Just about every toy from every Christmas past been shoved into that space, which made it into one giant mess, but also made for one amazing adventure on a boring Saturday morning.

With nothing to do but rummage through endless layers of toys, games and puzzles, we would find something from several Christmases ago that was as exciting as the day we’d received it, but forgotten how good it was. My favourite was always finding an old jigsaw puzzle and getting to spread it out on the dining room table. Days would pass by as we each tried to do our bit to put it all together, only to find that there was just one piece missing…and that piece was probably at the bottom of the toy cupboard.

Life is pretty much like that puzzle as you spend days and years constructing what you want from life, only to find that despite an amazing picture that’s forming, there is still something missing and you’ve no idea where to find it.

The puzzle will never be complete without the missing piece and no matter how much you try to console yourself that there is only one piece missing…it just never will be right.

The missing piece in all of our lives is a mere change in the spelling of that one word – PEACE.

Billy Graham said that inside every human being is a God-shaped hole that only God can fill.

Before anyone’s life can be fully complete, you have to find peace with God.
That is as simple as believing in Jesus and inviting Him into your life. That prayer changes everything and completes the picture on the box of your life.

It may seem just one pretty simple step in the grand scheme of things, but believe me, it’s a huge step to bring to your empty existence.

When you make peace WITH God, an incredible transformation takes place deep within you, and what follows is equally incredible and is explained as the peace OF God – A once and for all peace that comes from experiencing Jesus in your life.

Missing peace?

Search for Jesus today.

No God – no peace

Know God – know peace.
Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.