Fresh Hope – 7th February 2017

I recently went to see the movie ‘Lion’ (it was brilliant, I highly recommend).

As I got to the end of the movie, I thought “Why is this movie called ‘Lion’?” As there had been no apparent reason up until this point.

Anyway, the movie finished and people started to leave. As the credits rolled, an explanation appeared and more information given. For me it was an “Aha” moment.

Unfortunately, some people missed those important details, as they left too early.

Sometimes, we go through life and things happen that we don’t understand. We’re in a process, we’re on a journey and we can’t quite work it out.

What does all this mean? We ask.

What is God doing? We wonder.

How will all of this work out? We question.

DON’T walk out too soon, give up too soon or abandon your post. God is about to reveal something to you, that will make total sense and you will miss it, if you don’t see the thing through.

God always answers, always comes through and all WILL be revealed in God’s perfect timing.
Waiting and trusting are key.

Pastor Gillian

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