Fresh Hope – 20th February 2017

John chapter 10 v 11 says “I am the good shepherd.”

You may have noticed that the verse before, tells us that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But verse 11 tells me that Jesus is my good Shepherd.

Sometimes we think that Jesus is a distracted shepherd, because maybe while I have stuff going on, Jesus is distracted by someone else’s stuff and therefore maybe He’s not giving me His best attention.

Then we think He’s a busy Shepherd, well that’s certainly true, He is busy, but He’s busy shepherding you.

Maybe you think Jesus is an absent Shepherd, because maybe you can’t feel His presence near, or you’re wondering where He’s gone in your situation? Let me tell you this: He’s gone nowhere. If you can’t feel Jesus, guess who moved?

Maybe you think that Jesus is a negligent Shepherd. Maybe He has got your situation wrong, maybe things would be different, if Jesus was not so negligent? Is that why everything doesn’t seem right at the moment? Has Jesus forgotten me?

Not at all! Jesus is a GOOD shepherd.
He’s neither absent or negligent or distracted.
Like¬†every good shepherd (and He’s the perfect example) , He will give you His best loving attention at all times.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus that you are always good and that good things are coming my way.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.