Fresh Hope – 27th February 2017

Some time ago my husband ran over a pigeon. It was very unfortunate. We approached slowly, we beeped the horn, but the pigeon wouldn’t move. Why? Because it wouldn’t let go of the item of food that it had found in the middle of the road. I covered my eyes ready and hoped that the pigeon had seen sense and moved. I heard the thud. Sad, I know.
That’s a lot like us. We refuse to let go of things, when really we should move on.
Often, it can be dangerous to hold onto things.

If there’s stuff in your life that you’re refusing to let go of, remember this, you’ll never move on until you do.

You may think that what you’re holding onto is worth it, but often it’s not.
We can actually damage our lives by keeping hold of it and don’t see the danger ahead.

May today be a day of letting go and unlike the pigeon, may you know a new found freedom when you do.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.