Fresh Hope – 1st March 2017

Cripple him and you have a Sir Walter Scott.

Lock him in prison and you have a John Bunyan, author of Pilgrims Progress.

Bury him in the snows of Valley Forge and you have a George Washington.

Raise him in abject poverty and you have an Abraham Lincoln.

Subject him to bitter religious prejudice and you have a Disraeli.

Strike him down with infantile paralysis and you have a Franklyn D. Roosevelt.

Deafen him and you still have a genius composer called Beethoven.

Have him be born black in a society filled with racial discrimination and you have a Martin Luther King, Jr.

Persecute him for his faith and you have an Apostle Paul that wrote two thirds of the New Testament.

If that doesn’t challenge you, consider Benjamin Franklin: at 25, he founded America’s first library. At 31, he started its first fire department. At 36, he designed a heating stove that’s still in use today. At 45, he founded the nation’s first university. At 79, he invented bifocals. He had exactly two¬†years of formal education and yet he wrote and spoke five languages.

As you start out into a brand new day today, ask yourself what excuse do you have for not trying?

And remember: what started out looking like it was really bad, God can turn it around for good, even to saving of many people’s lives.

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.