Fresh Hope – 15th March 2017

We all face different challenges and circumstances – it’s the nature of life isn’t it?

Whether you feel alone and isolated, like it’s the middle of the night and sunrise seems a lifetime away. Or maybe you’re having to face your worst fear and it’s the darkest time of your life.
Perhaps you’re walking through a valley in life, where you can’t see a way forward or maybe you’re climbing a mountain – and whilst the view may have improved, it’s a struggle to keep going up the incline.
Let me encourage you to trust in God’s unfailing love, and rest on His grace.

God is always with you, He never leaves you.
Remember that in Jesus, you will find all you need. He is our source and supply.
God is a light in our darkness.
His words provide light to see a way forward.
We have a hope in Jesus that means we do not need to fear.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, he defeated the grave, which means He has won it all! Don’t forget that Jesus is all we need.
He is everything!

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.