Fresh Hope – 15th April 2017

Here are a few verses from James 5… “if anyone is in trouble, he should pray…if you’re happy, be thankful to God…if you’re sick, get the elders to pray for you.”

We should adopt a LIFESTYLE of prayer. In verse 17, it tells us how Elijah needed a couple of miracles, so he prayed, and God answered.

So these verses just about cover everything.

In trouble? Pray.
Happy? Pray.
Need healing? Pray.
Need a miracle? Pray.

I love how it says that we should give thanks when we are happy. Too many of us are pray-ers when we need something.
What about living a lifestyle of thankfulness when you dont need something?

When you wake, instead of thinking, “Lord I’m not looking forward to today, start with “thank you Lord that I’m alive.”That’s a prayer, but it’s a thankful one.

I like to be thankful as often as I can. I talk to the Lord often and say “Thank you.” For my food, for my coffee, for my family, for our church. You will often hear me saying “thank you Lord.” For all the good things that He is doing. For all the plans He has for me. For all the times He helps me. I could go on and on.

As a parent, we probably would like our children to talk to us more, how much does God love it, when you speak with Him?

I love this verse. I have quoted it many times “and the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (vs 16)
No matter how short or long your prayer maybe, even if it’s a “thank you”, your prayer is powerful and it’s effective enough to produce a harvest in your life.

Remember today whatever your situation, be a pray-er.
Because God answers prayer.
The strength of prayer is not in the one who prayed it, but the One to whom you pray.


Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.