Fresh Hope – 22nd April 2017

Recently, I was requested to go for some routine blood tests. They apparently are looking for eight different things. It’s all part of a well-woman health check. Things like cholesterol and diabetes are on the list to check for. They do that to help make my LIFE BETTER. Is there anything that needs correcting?

You may give blood each year to help someone in need or in a crisis. I remember my Dad several years ago, as he lay in hospital dying, receiving someone’s else’s blood, that helped save his life. Our daughter, after giving birth to our second grandson had to have a blood transfusion – again, ¬†using someone’s blood that had been freely given to help a LIFE IN CRISIS.

Blood tests, may help better your life, or blood may help when in a crisis, but there’s only one person’s blood that can actually CHANGE YOUR LIFE and make it BRAND NEW.

We have just celebrated Easter. Jesus Christ died and gave His blood freely, so that you and I can know forgiveness of sins and have a totally brand new life.

Blood tests may hurt for five seconds, giving blood may be uncomfortable for a time, but the blood that He shed, didn’t only hurt, but it killed Him. And He did that freely for me and for you.

Think about the sacrifice and be thankful. Think about the sacrifice and make sure you make it personal to yourself, by accepting His forgiveness and the new life that He offers you.

Pastor Gillian

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