Fresh Hope – 29th April 2017

How many of you today are waiting for an answer to prayer, a breakthrough, or a miracle?

There is a key word here…it’s called WAITING.

Sometimes God seems to ‘go quiet’ on His answers.
It’s at those times we have to REMAIN.

When you wait at the traffic lights, sometimes it’s a red and sometimes it’s an amber.
Often, when there are temporary road works in the street, especially during a quiet period and your lane is on red, you can look for the oncoming traffic and there is none and you wonder what is the point in waiting.
Sometimes early on a quiet Sunday morning, I’ve been tempted to ‘jump’ those lights, thinking it wouldn’t matter, because no one will even know. But, then the sensible in me kicks in, and I realise there is a reason I have to wait, even if I’ll never know the reason.

Sometimes, God ‘goes quiet’. It doesn’t mean He has left you or that He’s forgotten you, but it does mean you have to be patient.

DO NOT stop praying during those times, that’s exactly what the enemy would want, for you to give up on your dream and request, after a short period of time.

Anything that’s special, anything that’s important, is worth fighting for. Who knows, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.

So today , don’t equate those quiet times as NO, just trust in the timing of God. It’s always perfect.
Pastor Gillian

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