Fresh Hope – 2nd May 2017

What can I do for God?

Today I have been reading Psalm 116 – (go on, read it).

It talks about all the great things that God has done for me.

“I love God, because He listened to me…I was up against it and didn’t know which way to turn, I cried out to Him to save my life.”

We’ve all been in this position – a time where we needed God to come through for us, a time where we needed rescuing, a time where we needed Him to save our lives.

“God is gracious – it is He who makes things right.”
Yes He does. Even when we don’t deserve it (which is usually all of the time) God is gracious and makes it right.

How many times have you been in a difficult position? Sometimes through your own mistake or sometimes through no fault of your own, yet God always comes through.

Vs 7 “Soul you have been rescued from death and eyes, you have been rescued from tears.”

Such richness of God’s mercy has come my way. Thank You.

When we get to verse 12, the psalmist writes… “what can I give back to God?”
Let’s face it, whatever we can do, seems pretty insignificant and useless compared to what He has done for us.

“…I will lift high His name, I will pray and I’ll complete what I promised Him I would do.”
How can I repay God? What can I do for Him?

Pray, Praise & Serve.
Pray – live a life of communication with your Heavenly Father.
Praise – In every circumstance & situation.
Serve – honour Him with your life, live a life that is totally sold out to Him.

One of those final verses he writes continues by saying, “I’ll complete what I promised Him I’d do, and I’ll do it in the company of His people.”

We were not meant to do life alone, get in to a great church and serve with others.

Live a life like that today and you won’t go far wrong.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.