Fresh Hope – 6th May 2017

I’m not a gardener. But I can usually recognise a weed.

Here’s a few things about weeds…

1. Sometimes they are very well disguised amongst the good stuff.
We can have things in our lives that are ‘weeds’…in other words, they really shouldn’t be there and we can disguise them well. Sometimes these traits can go unnoticed for ages, until someone really looks for them or a certain situation happens, and up they come.
Watch out for well disguised weeds. Keep checking on your life regularly.

2.  Sometimes they are very obvious.
You walk past a patch of garden, and that weed calls out to you loudly.
Just like in our own lives, we can walk around with massive planks sticking out of our eyes (see Matthew 7 vs 3) and everyone knows about them.
Deal with them quickly. DO NOT think it’s okay to leave them there.

3. Sometimes weeds pull up very easily.
Yes, because they really shouldn’t be there, some of them come up with very little force (I like those sort). And like in our own lives, once identified, some weeds can be dealt with quickly and painlessly.

4. Some weeds are hard work to get rid of.
We all know that sort. You need good sharp gardening tools and a pair of thick protective gloves.
Some weeds in your life will take patience, determination and force to get rid of. But be assured of this: once the gardener gets to work, those weeds have to go.

Tell God about every one (as if He didn’t already know!) and ask Him to deal with it.
Maybe for the stubborn ones, you will need a little help from someone else too. Prayer, support and even confession.

But be assured of this. The weed has to go. It isn’t mean to be there in your beautiful garden and it isn’t meant to be in your beautiful life.

Now, go and do some weeding!
Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.