Fresh Hope – 16th May 2017

My Grandfather got on the bus one day, in order to go to the markets in the city centre of Birmingham. As he settled in his seat for the 45 minute journey, he fell fast asleep. When he eventually woke up, he realised that he was on the way back home. He had completely missed the reason for getting on the bus in the first place.

In all of our lives, we have to be awake enough to realise when it’s time to ‘get off’, otherwise we will miss our destination.

If you’ve ever travelled on the London Underground, you will know that you have to be completely alert and follow the map on the inside of the carriage, otherwise you will end up in completely the wrong place. Sometimes that journey will involve getting off one train and getting on another. It may even involve changing platforms, which may well be on very different levels of the station.

Ready or not, your destination is fast approaching and you have to know how to read the signs, otherwise you WILL get left behind.

Here are some ways to help you recognise just what to do when it’s time to change trains on your fast moving life.

1. Don’t get stuck in a time or season of your life.

‘Yesterday’s excellence is today’s mediocrity and tomorrow’s failure’. People sometimes remain in yesterday, but God doesn’t stay there. God is doing something new in your life right now. The world of fashion and hairstyles teach us how inappropriate it is to stay in one season for too long!

2. Realise that change is supposed to happen.

When change happens people assume that something is wrong, but change is not just an indicator that something’s wrong. Change is supposed to happen, otherwise you will just get stuck in the same old rut.

3. Recognise change as an opportunity to grow.

One of the reasons change is supposed to happen, is for us to grow and transform. The metamorphosis of life develops our character and makes us strong. Changes in life bring about changes in you.

4. Stay positive about change.

When God was transitioning the Nation of Israel from slavery to the promised land, the greatest challenge He had was getting the people to think positively throughout the season of change. They grumbled about all of the changes and complained that nothing was like it used to be. Sound familiar?

If you keep your attitude positive, God will take you through the difficult transitions and bring you through to a better place.

Pastor Mark

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