Fresh Hope – 10th June 2017

We continue our journey from yesterday, as we look at more stories of how God prepared some of the greats in the Bible…

David was anointed king, but it took years of fight and flight to finally claim his God given throne. His faithfulness in the small things meant that he would be ready to step up to his destiny.

Daniel was an exile in Babylon, but was selected for the King’s court. He became the top ruler in the land, but first he had to be delivered from the mouths of the lions.

Peter made a grand proclamation of loyalty to Jesus, just hours before denying even knowing Him. After the resurrection, Peter gave up on the mission and went fishing, but Jesus found him and made him the leader of the first church.

Paul despised Jesus and all Christians. He set out with ferocity to destroy the people of faith, but Jesus met him and completely changed his heart. His passions were totally transformed and he became writer of two thirds of the the New Testament.

We could mention countless others, but we would have to conclude that painful experiences aren’t a mistake in God’s world, even if self inflicted by doubt and sin. Everything gets used by Him to usher us into the very reason for which we were created.

Many years ago, Erwin McManus, world renowned speaker and Pastor of Oasis church in LA, was helping serve behind the scenes at a Christian event organised by is wife. The event drew as many as 20,000 people. Erwin had been there all week and told this wife that he was too tired to go on the final night. After reasoning with her back and forth, she insisted that he should be there albeit under protest. On the way, he decided that he needed some new clothes for the event, so went to a store, but in the rush didn’t check the sizes and didn’t realise til he put them on later that they were all too big. All of a sudden, one of the main organisers came up to him and told him that the speaker for the evening had not been able to come, and felt that he was to ask him to speak. That night, Erwin Macmanus left his behind the scenes position and took to the stage in his oversized clothes to preach to thousands. What nobody knew that night is that the only crowd that he’d ever spoken to before was no more than 50 people.

Just imagine what would have happened, or not as the case may be, if he’d have not pushed through the pain!

God graciously weaves the strands of these experiences into something beautiful – if we’ll let Him.

*with special thanks to Sam Chand over the last 2 days, for insights from his book, ‘Leadership Pain’.

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