Fresh Hope – 14th June 2017

As I write today, I should be a very happy and blessed man. The reason being is that I have ten trillion dollars sitting right beside me!

It’s actually just one note, and before you ask, its not fake.

It’s real alright, however there are just a couple of problems…it’s in Nigerian dollars, and so its value is not great, but even more to the point is that it’s no longer legal tender. Drat!

It looks impressive, but has no value simply because it can’t be spent today.

That one crisp note speaks volumes about our lives.

Let me ask you a question: are you valuable, but not current?

You can look great, sound great and have everyone falling at your feet, but if your life is not relating to this generation, you cannot be spent by God. You’re just like an ornament that gets everyone’s attention when they walk into the room, but apart from that, you have no usefulness.

You weren’t placed on this planet just to look pretty, but to serve the generation in which you’re alive.

You may be doing all the right things and can’t understand why you are getting little or no results. Could it be that your good intentions and methods are just too outdated?

People often ask the secret of why we have so many people coming to church each weekend. The answer is no secret, but it’s often a surprise to many when they hear what we believe may partly be the answer – BE CURRENT. In the time frame that you’re alive, if you don’t stay current, you will be left behind and lose your usefulness.

I used to love wearing flared jeans that used to drag on the floor. They were so cool and so current…ten years ago. Today if I wore them I’d simply have no respect in the ‘cool’ department.

In the early 1900s, a revival came to Wales. At that time, thousands were swept into the Churches as a spiritual awakening emptied the pubs and clubs.

More than 100 years later, those same packed churches lie dormant and even derelict. Its leaders cannot understand what went wrong, yet the answer is so simple. Because the revival mainly hit the welsh speaking churches, they believed that the welsh language should be revered and still be the only language spoken in those same places of worship. However as the generations came and went, less and less people spoke the welsh language and so the chutches rendered themselves ineffective and irrelevant.

Are you hanging onto what God did in your life in the past, yet have failed to recognise that He wants to do something new today?

I love what it says on king David’s epitaph…

Acts 13:36 ‘Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.’

The key was that he served God in HIS GENERATION.

The modern worship in our church admittedly doesn’t suit everyone, but it’s not meant to. I have to make sure that it’s current in the generation in which I’m serving.

New versions of the Bible may not suit those who prefer the ‘thees’ and the ‘thous’, but my question is not one of what suits me, but one of who does this relate to today?

There’s nothing so sad as being alive and yet living a life that no one understands.

Looking pretty…but cannot be spent?

Find out what God is doing today and simply join in.

Are you valuable and yet not current?

Pastor Mark

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