Fresh Hope – 16th June 2017

I am convinced that resilience is a major key to achieving your destiny. The real test of who you are is measured by what it takes to discourage you. Some people talk a great game, but then buckle under the slightest pressure. Others function better under stress and pressure.
Pain, in any form is not nice, but it need not be debilitating, or even immobilising.

At 56, I’ve just decided to join my local gym. I’m just learning that body building is built on tearing down muscles through resistance, which sends the body’s healing systems into overdrive to repair and restore the weary muscles. It could well be that your current hurt is the secret to tomorrow’s strength.

There is one other important factor in this area of overcoming pain and hurt. That ingredient is having both the support and concern from and toward those around you. Significant relationships are what empower us to reach past our challenges and move beyond obstacles.

Children run with open arms to a Mom or Dad when they are afraid or hurt. Teenagers tend to hang around the house in order to send a coded message that they need support from you. Grown-ups seek mentors when trying to negotiate life’s challenges that come to us all.

It is in these significant relationships that we receive empowerment to bounce back.

I have personally had a life that was full of set backs, and naturally speaking I would have just given up, but with the support of people and the help of God I have turned each set back into a come back.

Champions Church is a place where you can find such great relationships with very ordinary, yet amazing people. Our Champion life groups exist all over the area with the aim that no one needs to do life alone. We continually make it out theme tune that ‘life is better together’.

If you are finding it hard to bounce back, then I encourage you to find your way to church on Sunday, where you will immediately feel at home as well as becoming part of a growing family.

You can also sign up to a local ‘Champion life group’ by attending Champions church this weekend at 9am or 11.30am.

I look forward to personally meeting you.

Pastor Mark

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