Fresh Hope – 30th June 2017

Just a few days ago, 14 people died from a forest fire that ripped through the tiny village of Varzeas, Portugal.

The area was suddenly engulfed in flames, from what was described by villagers as an ‘inferno’, destroying the area in seconds.

As villagers became aware of what was happening, they started to flee their village in search for safety. Two families in particular managed to get into their cars and make for the main road. Ironically, they never made it, as not only the trees on either side of the road were engulfed, but even the road itself caught fire, killing those that were trying to escape certain death.

The only people that did survive, were those that made the decision to stay put in their homes. It may have seemed like their fate was sealed by doing so, but that one decision led to the survival of all that made that very same choice.

This incredibly sad story leads us to see a parallel in our spiritual lives. There is safety in another kind of home, namely the Church…our spiritual home.

Many people chose to flee the Church when faced with circumstances that threatened their very lives and their faith, not realising that their greatest protection during this time lies in the place from which they are fleeing.

I’ve seen and heard many sad stories over the years, of folk who have decided to run for their lives when depressed, offended, hurt, let down or just feeling the heat of the day, not realising they were fleeing the safe haven of their spiritual home…God’s Church.

If you’re going through the fire today and belong to a ‘life giving’ church, then stay put. If you have not yet found a spiritual home, then I encourage you to do so this very weekend.

Church is just like any family, it’s full of all kinds of people that range from incredibly amazing to incredibly annoying! It’s a family…warts and all. It’s those differences that make it what it is.

Running away from home is what many teenagers and even children do because of immaturity during tough times. No matter what is going on right now, don’t run away from home. God gave it to you for a reason.

Feeling the pull away from God’s house this weekend? Get to Church! Your spiritual life depends on it.

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Pastor Mark

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