Fresh Hope – 5th July 2017

‘If anyone desires to be a leader, he desires a good thing’ 1 Timothy 3 v 1

So you want to be a leader…good!

Centuries ago, Jerusalem lay in ruins. Nehemiah felt called to do something about it and so he rallied, motivated and organised the people. 52 days later, they had finished the job. They had entirely rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in less than two months. How did he do it?

Here’s what it takes…

He had passion! He could hardly sleep at night for picturing the problem and seeing himself solving it.

He motivated others. What good is your leadership if you can’t move other people to action?

He had confidence in God. He may have doubted his own ability, but he never doubted Gods. His book is full of prayers-Silent ones, short ones, specific ones.

He refused to give up. From the time he started mixing the mortar until the day he laid the last brick, his critics never let up. But he took it-sarcasm, suspicion, gossip, threats, false accusations…you name it. Nothing could move him.

He was realistic. He had some of the workers build a wall, while others stood guard against attack. He acted without overreacting; he was gracious but unbending. Good leaders may seemingly have their head in the clouds, but they’ve got their feet on the ground.

He had the discipline to finish the job. Good leaders are finishers. When the job loses its lustre, they don’t go somewhere else, they stay at it through thick and thin. Still want to be a leader?

Leaders don’t look for badges and titles, they simply look for a job that needs doing and then get on and do it.

Find a need and fill it. When you can do that time and time again without any fuss or bother…you ARE a leader.

Recognition comes later.

Pastor Mark

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