Fresh Hope – 18th July 2017

Yesterday, we looked at how important it is to keep ‘pushing’ for
what we are believing for.

P. Pray
U. Until
S. Something
H. Happens

In the Bible, the persistent widow came to the judge and kept bothering him. She didn’t get what she wanted because she came, but because she was persistent. You see, the judge kept saying “NO”, but she kept asking. Not satisfied with his answer, she hung on in there. (Luke 18)

People who ‘shove’ in life, usually aren’t liked.
People who ‘shove’ their way to the front, instead of waiting to be asked.
People who ‘shove’ for selfish ambition are not usually our favourites.
YET, pushing is not the same as shoving.
Pushing reminds me that I will not give up until I see what I’m believing for.
People who ‘push through’ their circumstances and don’t settle for what life throws at them, are admired and respected.

Today, be a PUSHER. Believe God again for your breakthrough, your miracle, and like the persistent widow… you may just receive it.


Pastor Gillian

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