Fresh Hope – 27th July 2017

On Tuesday of this week, I attended the funeral service of a very special lady. It was actually a thanksgiving service for her life.
So many wonderful thoughts were shared about her and there was a whole lot of love in the church that day for an amazing lady.

We can learn a lot of things from the ‘passing away’ of someone. One of the biggest things has to be this…

Don’t wait for someone to ‘pass away’ before you let them know how much you care and loved them. It’s actually too late then.
Your encouragement and love can make a WORLD of a difference to someone’s life, whilst they are still alive.

Here’s some of the excuses we give…
“They know I love them.” Do they? Maybe not?
Keep reminding them. It’s an amazing blessing you’re giving to someone’s life.

“I’m too busy to stop my busy life.” Don’t ever say that. Take time before it’s too late. None of us are promised tomorrow.

Often, someone’s passing makes us fully understand how we felt about that person. Isn’t that sad? Be thankful for them TODAY.

A word of love, a hug, an affirmation, an encouragement will make someone’s life so much richer. Have you ever wondered if someone really cares about you?
Start to sow care and love and encouragement and you will reap it back.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…Start your day, every day, being thankful to God.
Thankful for breath in your body and a life to live to the fullest.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.