Fresh Hope – 28th July 2017

Whether you recognise it today or not, you need to know that you have an assignment from God. You’re not here by accident, your existence is not a mistake, but God has created you on purpose, for a purpose.

Because of this truth, the devil would love nothing more than to get you off of your assignment, and the way he does this is by getting you to believe that your assignment is insignificant.

Don’t believe the lie…

The call of God upon your life carries great significance, so much so, that people are counting on you to carry it out.

Maybe you’re heading to the same job today that you’ve been at for multiple decades – know that your faithfulness is significant. Maybe you’re a single Mom trying to raise your family – know that your commitment is significant. Maybe you’re a leader of an organisation – know that what you’re pioneering is significant!

Don’t allow the devil to get you to believe that who you are and what you do is insignificant, but realise today that who you are and what you do has eternal significance attached to it.

Don’t give up, keep on going… there’s a generation counting on you!

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.