Fresh Hope – 18th August 2017

The human heart – we don’t see it, but if it stopped, we would drop dead!

In the scriptures “the heart” is mentioned over a thousand times. This isn’t talking about the physical heart actually, it’s talking about the spiritual heart – the centre of emotional, intellectual and moral activity.

I’m guessing if God mentions our heart that often– it might be important in life. In fact scripture says, ‘…all life flows from the heart.’ That means that how I think, how I feel and all my values for living life start in the heart. That’s a big deal! So anything negative that gets into my heart will directly influence how my life looks! Equally, anything positive that I feed in, will directly influence how my life looks!

A few years ago I went to New York city around Christmas time and my parents gave me some money to purchase a piece from the jewellery shop, Tiffany and Co. on 5th Avenue. I treated myself to a necklace with a heart pendant. I wore this piece almost everyday for three years. I intended to pass it on to my daughter one day. It was precious to me and held sentimental value. Recently, I lost that heart necklace. I was using a changing room in a local shopping centre and it hasn’t been seen since! Naturally, I was so upset.

I felt God tell me something in the process of trying to find it. How much more should we value and protect our spiritual heart and be careful not to lose it?

Scripture says we have been given a new heart through God, but it still interacts with a world that tries to tell it how to think and feel and live. We need to be vigilant and intentional about protecting it. If I have something as precious as a heart in which all life flows from, I would want to guard it like a royal jewel! I would want to protect it, check it, only let the good stuff in, figure out what makes it sing and fight to make sure nothing taints it!

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Emma Montesi

A daily devotion for a better way of living.