Fresh Hope – 26th August 2017

In the Old Testament, we read about Abraham.
The story of Abraham reminds me of how we should trust God.

We read how God called him to a new place. He called him to a brand new start and He called him into the unknown.
Maybe God is calling you to something new, maybe He is calling you to something that is unknown for you. Know this: if God is calling you, then you don’t need to worry or fear.
God has a great plan for you. TRUST HIM.

We read how God promised him a son.
Unfortunately, Abraham waited a long time and because it didn’t happen in his time frame, he took matters into his own hands. (This can be dangerous).
God will always turn up with His promise, even if it’s later than you expected. Be encouraged from Abraham’s life.
God always fulfils His promises. TRUST HIM.

We read how God then asked Abraham to give up his only son. Yes, the son that he had waited years for!
This was a great test. Huge.
Maybe God is testing you right now, maybe He’s asking you to do something that’s a sacrifice. Whenever God does, He always has a reward for obedience. He always has blessings in store.
God was just testing Abraham and sometimes He tests us. TRUST HIM.

Pastor Gillian

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