Fresh Hope – 9th September 2017

Many people are feeling the catastrophic after-effects of a storm right now. Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas in a huge way and many homes and lives have been destroyed. Right now, hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc on a different part of that nation .

We were in Florida several years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit the US and we have just left Florida, where Irma is just about to.

Sometimes God lets you escape a storm and other times He allows you to go right through one.

Whether your storm today is a real hurricane or a personal storm in your life, know this: God is always with you and He can bring good out of a storm if we let Him.

I may not have been in a hurricane, but I have been in and experienced many storms in life. Over those years, I have noticed this, that although at those times, you can feel like your world is being rocked and even over, God can and will bring good out of them.

I was travelling in the car last week, through a very bad thunderstorm, the motorway had all but come to a standstill, it was so severe, yet through the window, I noticed a beautiful change in the sky. I took a poor photograph of what I saw. Beyond the rain and the thunder was something beautiful…a pink and colourful sky. It was in that moment that God reminded me, that if we stand firm and hold on to Him, something beautiful and new and fresh will ALWAYS come our way.

Storms are there for a purpose and even though they may not be nice, God will bring good out of them.

Whatever your storm today, wherever you are in the world, know this: God has you safe. Keep trusting. Keep believing for a better day.
He will never leave you and He will never forsake you.

Pastor Gillian

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