Fresh Hope – 11th September 2017

The very beginning of scripture, in fact, the very beginning of time and all creation, started with ‘…and God said’. All life started with words being spoken.

The word of God carries creative power. Scripture reminds us many times, that as His people made in His image, our words also carry creative power. By creative power, I mean you can literally create with your words.

We can easily underestimate the power of our spoken word. When God urges us to monitor the language of our life, it is because we have the incredible ability to either build or destroy our lives and the lives of others, simply with our tongue. ‘A small part of the body, but like a tiny spark, it can set the forest of your life on fire’ (James 3:5). No one would ever feel intimidated by a match, but face a wall of raging fire that is threatening your home and life, and you wont question the potential of that first spark or lighter ever again. Likewise, don’t underestimate your conversations and declarations.

Jesus over and over again brought people into wholeness and freedom through his words. He spoke a deaf man into hearing, blind men into sight, and lame men into walking. He even commanded creation to stand still in the midst of a storm, and with words He casted out demons tormenting people. He also empowered people with His words of encouragement and conviction, so they left his presence totally transformed from the inside out.
I love it when science finally catches up to the truths that have always been in scripture.

Physiologists are well aware that new pathways in the brain are created through constant spoken words. Negative words create negative pathways that are reinforced every time you speak out words of negativity. Equally, you can rewire and renew your mind by speaking positive truths over and over.

Scientists have in fact discovered that our words carry either positive or negative sound frequencies and when other objects encounter these frequencies they react accordingly at a molecular level. Even science says our words influence our surroundings.

I have first hand witnessed deaf ears opening because of the declaration of Jesus. I have first hand seen people receive unexpected favour over finances as the truth of God has been spoken over their money. I have watched relationships restored as words of faith and hope have been spoken over and over, rather than words of criticism and bitterness.

This isn’t theory. This is reality. Let us operate in our God given authority and use our words to bring the order of God into our lives and the world around us!

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”


Emma Montesi

A daily devotion for a better way of living.