Fresh Hope – 3rd October 2017

A couple of years ago, I bought a fascinating book on the life of Walt Disney.

He was one of the great dreamers of the 20th century.

Anyone that could create the first sound cartoon, the first all-colour cartoon and the first animated feature length motion picture is definitely someone with vision.

His two great masterpieces of vision were Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Both Disneyland and Disney World started with just a seed – a seed that was sown when he used to take his young daughters to the amusement park on Saturday mornings.

His girls loved it and so did he… but when the bright lights faded and the carousel stopped, he just saw shabby horses with cracked and chipped paint.

His disappointment inspired him with a grand vision for an amusement park where the illusion didn’t evaporate.

His dream became Disneyland.

The seed for most people’s dreams naturally springs from their everyday experiences, but ultimately all dreams flow from God’s creative heart that flows through a man or a woman.

If you have not yet identified your dream, just keep your eyes and ears open, listen to your heart and be open to every possibility and even every impossibility.

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ – Walt Disney.

Pastor Mark

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