Fresh Hope – 4th October 2017

Much to the surprise of many…God uses unclean things.

Just think of how many of us would ever be able to come to faith in Jesus if we had to clean up our act first; and yet so many people desperately try to get better before they feel worthy enough to reach out to Him. That kind of thinking is the furthest thing from the Gospel; even on our best day we never can make the mark.

Listen to what the Bible says…

Isaiah 64:6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;

One of the most prominent women mentioned in the Bible was Rahab the prostitute. She was rewarded for helping hide some men of God in her home from certain death and as a result is mentioned in the ‘halls of faith’ in the New Testament, alongside some of the Bible greats. All of this happened before she cleaned up her act.

The grace of God does not ask that we change and then come to God, but it enables us to reach out to Him first, just as we are, and then allow Him to change us.

If you could change yourself then why not do it right now?

Zacheus was frowned upon as a tax collector and was hated by society for ripping people off, and yet out of all the crowds that were following Jesus that day, Jesus singled him out and told him that He wanted to come and stay at his house. That day Zacheus changed, not before, but after allowing Jesus into his home.

Today, that story is also a picture of our hearts. Jesus wants to come to live within us and if we welcome Him, salvation comes to us and radical change begins.

Have you ever thought why Jesus earned himself the reputation ‘friend of sinners’, and yet never was once called the friend of the self righteous or friend of nice people?

Don’t wait until you become a better version of who you are right now, as that day will never come, instead come to him just as you are.

Pastor Mark

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