Fresh Hope – 12th October 2017

We don’t have to be a CEO, celebrity, or even a church leader to be a person of significant influence and leadership. It is a lie to believe that we need to have high profile roles in order to change the world.

God has a history of often using unassuming and unlikely individuals to do the greatest things on earth. Take Peter for example. Peter had a bad reputation. Yet Jesus said, Peter will be the one on whom the Church is built. Noah was a drunkard and God used him to repopulate the earth. Abraham was an old man who became the father of Israel and ultimately, the modern Jewish nation. It was through his lineage that many other great heroes came, including Jesus. Moses was a stutterer and God used him to bring his people freedom. Rahab was a prostitute, but would be part of the bloodline to Christ. David was just a shepherd boy, who murdered and committed adultery, but he conquered Goliath, and was made king. Jonah ran from God, and then eventually led the people of Nineveh to repentance. Matthew was a despised tax collector, who left his work behind, followed Jesus, and wrote one of the four gospels. Saul persecuted Christians, and was transformed to write much of scripture encouraging Christians! And then there is Jesus himself – born in an animal feeding trough, to unassuming parents. God sent the king of kings, the saviour of all, in the most humble of ways. The list goes on and on, from the past to the present, of impossible people God has used to change the course of history!

We all have a degree of influence and leadership in our personal world. Every person we connect with is an opportunity for influence. The Devil can’t take away our given call to influence, so his only weapon is to get us to doubt we have the ability, strip our confidence, and get us to question our identity.

Let me encourage you in perhaps your sense of inferiority and insignificance. If we want to be the history makers we are called to be, let us not chase the fame, power and wealth with think we need in order to have influence. Let us first steward well the one or two people we have already been given. God is simply looking for humble people, who own their story. People who acknowledge their weaknesses and find strength in God. People who ‘seek first His kingdom’ (Matthew 6:33) and ‘delight themselves in the Lord’ (Psalm 37:4).

2 Corinthians 12:10

Emma Montesi

A daily devotion for a better way of living.