Fresh Hope – 31st October 2017

I’ve only been sailing once, and like camping…once was enough.

We set sail on an old fashioned wooden schooner around the Greek islands and although the sun shone and there were moments of enjoyment with the rest of the group, the hard work to keep that thing going both day and night took its toll on everyone.

After a few hours of sleep each night, we would be woken from the bow of the ship in order to take our turn to be on night watch up on the deck. I had no idea what I was doing and although I could see the dim lights of the shoreline and hear the engines churning through the waves at the dead of night, there was no sense of moving forwards as progress was so slow.

There’s something quite eerie about being out at sea in the pitch black, and no matter how inexperienced I was as the waves crashed onto the deck, I just held one piece of simple information upper most in my mind while the others slept; I just knew that I had to make sure that there was more water outside of the boat then there was inside of it! With that being the case, we survived!

Often in life, we will find ourselves in stormy waters. Waters that feel like they are going take us under, and yet we just have to adopt that very same principle…keep the water outside of the boat.

You can’t sink a ship, no matter how fierce the storm, unless you allow the waters from the outside to get on the inside. If the storm keeps coming, the lightning keeps flashing and the thunder keeps thumping all through the night, what matters is that you keep all of what is going on around you, out of you.

The disciples were caught in a raging storm on the lake one night and Jesus was fast asleep down below. They were sure that they were going to drown, that was until they woke Jesus; He simply addressed the storm and said ‘peace, be still’.

Today, Jesus wants you to know that He’s right there with you and no matter how bad it is right now outside of the boat, he says to you…be at peace. Be still.

No one can promise you that life is going to be plain sailing, however if you will simply allow Jesus into the boat of your life he will keep you in perfect peace.

Why not call on him right now?

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Pastor Mark

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