Fresh Hope – 10th November 2017

I took my wife out for a meal last night, and after the main course we decided to share a dessert sitting in two nice comfy arm chairs by an open log fire. It had already been a full on few days and we had left the house at 7am that morning. I was ready to close my eyes for a few minutes while enjoyed the heat from the fire. It was the perfect moment to escape and spend time together doing nothing.

Within a few minutes the silence was broken as a couple sitting nearby obviously wanted to engage in conversation. If I’m honest I was trying to look disinterested, but then the guy addressed a question to me believing that he’d met me before. In trying to establish where he may have seen me, he asked if I worked at an engineering company that was just down the road from where he lived! Well, one thing led to another and before long they were playing a guessing game as to what we actually did do with our lives. As the gentleman was a salesman, he spoke with a loud voice (as did I) and before long another couple on an adjacent table joined in too.

Five minutes later I was up out of my chair and sitting with the first couple at the table. Their eyes were wide open as we described all that God was doing in our lives and those of the people that we reached each week. They asked me how I’d come to ditch my dream as a chef and end up pastoring a Church. I explained how I’d heard the voice of God calling me to give everything up to follow His dream for my life.

Within a matter of minutes this lovely couple both agreed that they wanted to come along to our Church and try it out, even if it was a 35 minute drive for them.

The last thing they expected last night was an encounter with two people that loved God and that wanted to point the way for them too. In fact the last thing we expected, and actually wanted, was to bump into anyone that needed a conversation with us.

We left the restaurant knowing that we were in the right place at the right time. I privately thought about how different their night would have been if we’d have refused to engage with them in simple conversation just because we just needed an hour or so to ourselves.

You never know whose life you are going to influence just by being available to have a natural and relaxed chat.

Opportunity is walking right by us all everyday, and in many cases just like this one, its sitting right next to you. The question is…are you ready to engage with that opportunity?

I am convinced that most of the boredom that people face in their very ordinary and mundane lives is due to not making the most of every opportunity.

Spice up your life…grab a hold of the next opportunity that comes your way.

Ephesians 5:15-16 Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

Pastor Mark

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