Fresh Hope – 4th December 2017

Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’

I wonder what impossibility you have woken up to today?

Whatever it is, remember, nothing is too hard for the Lord.

I’ll never forget the day when a couple came to see me at my office on the way back from hospital. The wife had been diagnosed with fluid around the heart.

This couple were known to me at the time and into the bargain the husband was walking aided by two sticks. He had bent down a few years earlier and had damaged his spine. Surgeries had followed, but all to no avail. No matter which way you looked at their situation, they were in a pretty sorry state of affairs to say the least.

All of a sudden faith started to rise in me and I firmly believed that God could do a miracle for this lady. I also privately reasoned that her husband was too far gone for God to do anything. Mistake!

As I rose and walked around to them from my office desk, I started to pray for the lady’s heart condition. By this time she was struggling to breathe and was obviously in quite a serious condition. No sooner has I prayed forJesus to heal her, the atmosphere in the room changed from defeat to victory. Her breathing returned to normal and her heart condition was completely healed. Whatever the diagnosis just an hour earlier, had now been reversed by the God of all impossibilities.

The couple were amazed and started to walk away so thankful for what God had done. As I watched the husband leaving with his two sticks, barely able to make a walk of it, I felt compelled to call out to him “what about you?”

What happened next was completely astonishing for us all to see. My office was situated just off the foyer of the church at that time, and so I asked them both to join me in the church for prayer.

As the guy stood, I placed my hands on his spine and commanded the pain to leave and for healing to come. As I was halfway through the prayer with my eyes closed, I heard a loud bang followed by the cracking of his spine. When I opened my eyes, he was lying flat out on the floor. The cracking of his spine panicked me and his wife as we felt he must have done himself a further injury, but to both our amazement he got up and started to do some kind of press ups! He then stood and started to walk unaided, followed by climbing the stairs without a problem, saying over and over again “I’M HEALED!”

I’d seen this guy in the school playground waiting for his kids for months before and I knew what he could and couldn’t do. I’d often felt sorry for him watching him unable to pick them up in his arms. I knew that this guy was for real, but the truth was that no amount of sorrow for him led to him being healed, but one prayer in faith saw him instantly receive what no doctors could do.

The next day that couple were seen walking arm in arm, completely unaided at the local shopping mall. Weeks later he was batsman for the church cricket team. I’ll never forget seeing a snapshot that hung on their lounge wall months later. It was an action picture taken of him hitting the ball ‘out of the park’.

What God did for that needy couple that day, God can do for you TODAY.

Remember; ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’

Why not fully trust God right now and receive your very own miracle?

Pastor Mark

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