Fresh Hope – 9th December 2017

If you decide that you want to go for greater things in your life, get ready for life not to be comfortable.

If you want to remain comfortable and in ‘your comfort zone’ forget reaching for higher things.

Whenever we decide we want to do something greater, make a greater difference, expand, climb higher, take a risk, step out in faith…then you have already decided that your life won’t be comfortable.

Ask a pregnant woman if she is comfortable- the answer will be NO!
But does she want that baby? Of course she does, more than anything probably.

Her temporary discomfort is because of the greater things to come.

When a Momma eagle decides it’s time to let those babies go out of the nest and fly for themselves, she starts to take the nest apart, twig by twig; making it so uncomfortable for those babies, that they have to get out.
Cruel? Definitely not. Teaching them to fly? Of course!
The very reason for which they were created.

If you want to be comfortable, you’ll never fly and if you want to fly, you won’t be comfortable.

So when life seems hard work and you’re having to push forward and it’s hard… just remember why and take heart.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.