Fresh Hope – 23rd December 2017

You can have what you want if you know how to get it.

In Luke 18 verses 1-8 we read about the persistent lady who wanted justice and would not quit when she has been told “no”.

You can often be held back by the word ‘no’ when in fact God says “yes”
Here’s some things we can learn from this story…

You have to go to the right person – she went straight to the judge and not to her neighbour.
She went straight to the top!
Take your request straight to God, don’t complain about it to someone else, they probably can’t help you.

You have to know what you want –
be specific, don’t be frightened to ask God. She went and asked for justice. She knew what she wanted.

Don’t give up – she didn’t. She kept on persisting even though she probably got weary.
Too often we give up too soon.
The Judge said “I’m going to give her what she wants, not because I want to, but because of her persistence.”

You’ve got to be in a right relationship – when you have a relationship with God as your Father you can go to him with your requests and concerns, your desires and your needs.
Because of relationship, He will answer.

What are your needs today?
What are your desires?


Luke 18 vs 1. I want to teach them to pray and not quit, to be consistent and not give up.

Pastor Gillian

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