Fresh Hope – 28th December 2017

Today’s Fresh Hope is a contribution sent in by a young person from Champion Youth.

As it’s the Christmas season, we all have probably made a snowman at this festive time of year – especially with all the snow we have had. Building a snowman is like life. To build a snowman, you add more snow, take snow away and shape it to how you would like it. Each bit you change on the snowman means it’s closer to your final product. No snowmen are exactly alike – each are unique.

This can relate to us, because God shapes each one of us uniquely and he constantly keeps building you up and taking away negative influences in your life, for you to be more like Jesus. God shapes each one of us with His own hands. He already knows what you will be like before he shapes you. Sometimes, snowmen fall down, but you build them back up again, so it’s even stronger and won’t fall again. In life, you will have some knockdowns but God has it in control and makes you a stronger person through them. Each snowman you make, is created with care and love – this is how God is  towards you and me. He shapes each one of us with love and care. Each bit of snow you add to the snowman is done for a reason (to make it bigger). God adds more things into our lives to make us bigger and stronger people of God.

God has everything in control so you do not need to worry about anything. He is making you stronger each day. Rely on Him always! Each day you press into Him, He shapes you.

Chloe Beswick

A daily devotion for a better way of living.