Fresh Hope – 27th September 2018

It’s a common saying that, ‘elephants never forget’. This is scientifically true. They cannot only remember locations, companions and dangers for survival purposes, their brains have the capacity to remember things that are of no benefit to survival. They can recognise and remember a creature that they saw once, and haven’t seen for 20 years! Elephants are very emotional animals. Their ability to remember is heavily linked to their ability to feel.  

There is power in remembrance. Why is it that we have ‘Remembrance Day’?  – A day in the year to stop, remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves in war to secure and protect our freedom. When we bring to mind that which has happened on our behalf – the sacrifice been made, it evokes emotions in us. We find a fresh sense of gratitude and humility. We don’t take for granted what we have now. Remembrance softens our heart. This is also why we do communion.

Sipping a shot glass of juice, and the swallowing of stale bread, isn’t just some old school, religious ritual. There is power in communion. The elements of bread and wine are a symbol of the body and blood of Jesus – a body broken and blood shed for us. Jesus started the tradition of communion as an instruction to remember the sacrifice He made for us (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

Communion is a celebration of the freedom we have found. When sickness comes, take communion. When struggles strike, take communion. Remember the cross. Remember the price paid. Remember how He has given you a fresh start. Communion is a reminder that He will give you everything you need – just remember the cross. The early church in fact engaged in communion every day! (Acts 2:42-46). They had a lifestyle of remembrance and celebration.

Like an elephant never forgets, never forget the price that was paid for us. May we live in humility, with a deep sense of both gratitude and celebration, and then in turn, let remembering bring peace to your emotions today!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.