Fresh Hope – 7th November 2018

Where do you go when you are feeling down? Where do you go when you feel weak, weary, and defeated? Our first instinct is to look to someone else. God actually encourages us to build ourselves up!

In Jude 1:20 we read, ‘…constantly and progressively build yourselves up on the foundation of your most holy faith by praying every moment in the Spirit’.

We can definitely find hope and comfort in the people around us – our spouse, our friends, our family, and our church community. But we also have a responsibility to build up and establish ourselves.

As we head into the chilly winter months, some of us are very much taken by surprise at how cold it is. The icy winds, the darker mornings, and shorter days – no one is really ever totally ready for it. Some animals however can spend all year prepping for the winter season. They start eating more food long before the weather gets colder, ensuring that come winter, they have an extra layer of body fat ready for hibernation. Some animals like squirrels, even store food to keep themselves going through the winter.

Inevitably there will be some seasons of life that feel a bit like winter. You could feel lonely, tired, and weary. It is wisdom to prepare for such seasons of life by building yourself up when you are feeling strong. Feed yourself on the word, in every season, even when everything is going great. Pray when you aren’t in lack, so when you are in need, your inner-self is strong. Make spiritual deposits in every season, so when tough moments come, you are prepared and have something to carry you. When you build deep wells in God, you have something to draw from when drought comes.

Don’t rely solely on church meetings, and other people to build you – they can create an atmosphere for growth, but it is totally our responsibility to manage our relationship with God. Expecting others to be responsible for your faith, or strength is like having a baby and waiting for someone else to come over to your house and feed it! We have a responsibility for our walk with God, our gifts, and our wellbeing.

If we are feeling weak, don’t blame others, or look to others to rescue you. Rather pray in the Spirit, connect your heart to the love of God and receive! (Jude 1:21). Speak out in the weak times the truth that you sowed into your heart in the good times. Take ownership of your heart and inner state.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.