Fresh Hope – 8th November 2018

I loooove charity shopping! I know God determines the times and places in which we should live (Acts 17:26), because when I moved to England I moved into a house that is about a two-minute walk from about five charity shops! Heaven on earth!

Here are some reasons why I like charity shopping:

1. You are recycling clothing, and thus putting less demand on the environment.
2. The money you spent is going to charity.
3. You are saving money.
4. You are forced to think creatively as you hunt through rails and piles of clothing for something good, rather than walking into a shop with a mannequin telling you what you should wear.
5. You have one-off pieces that no one else is wearing.
6. I enjoy showing people that you don’t have to spend a lot to look good!  

I know that not everyone appreciates charity shops the way I do (my husband for example isn’t a fan of the mothball smell!). It takes a certain type of person to see the gold in a second-hand environment.

The other day I found two beautiful wine glassesin a charity shop. They were very detailed as the glass had engravings all through it.  I took them to the counter and paid 1 pound each for them! Bargain!

Once upon a time those beautiful glasses were just piles of sand. That is how all glass starts. Simply sand heated to high temperatures, then molded to serve a purpose.

It takes the vision of someone special to see a pile of sand and envision what it has the potential to become.

There are people all around us that might be viewed like a boring, beige, pile of sand. It takes you, someone special, to see that person for who they were made to be, to recognise a greater purpose and put in the effort to allow them to become a beautiful, detailed glass with a purpose.

God specialises in taking nothing and turning it into something. He takes a Shepherd boy and turns him into king. He takes a prostitute and places her in the lineage to Jesus. He takes jars of clay and stores treasure. He takes a manger and births the king of kings.  He takes an orphaned Jewish girl and makes her a Queen who saves a nation. He takes food scraps and turns it into a feast. He takes water and turns it into wine! And the list goes on and on, story after story.

As God’s children, we too are to look for the average things in our lives and make them great! In your quest for grandeur, don’t bypass the ordinary people and things that you can turn into something extraordinary! When someone dismisses something as trash, look for the treasure. When the first hand dismisses, be the second hand to redeem, reclaim and restore!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.