Fresh Hope – 24th November 2018

In the book of Mark chapter 14, we read the story of Mary pouring very expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus.
Jesus was dining in the home of ‘Simon the Leper’  – It’s interesting to read that it was Simon THE LEPER.  That was his label.
Life puts labels on us, ‘loser’ ‘leper’ ‘divorced’ ‘failure’ ‘addict’ etc etc …and even though Leprosy was a disease that no one wanted to associate with, Jesus did, he ate at his house.
Whatever ‘label’ has been put on your life, remember this: Jesus loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

Back to Mary. She was criticised heavily for spending a year’s wages on perfume that she poured on Jesus feet.  Imagine that! Thousands and thousands of pounds spent in one action.
Jesus however, defended her action, knowing that she did it out of a heart of GRATITUDE.
You see Mary had been forgiven much by her Saviour (it was believed that she had previously been a prostitute) and wanted to express her gratitude at the forgiveness she had received.
Maybe we should take a leaf out of her book?
When was the last time you were overwhelmed with gratitude for what God had done for you and what He has saved you from?
Honour was given because she was thankful.
Thankfulness led to generosity.
Forgiveness led to her healing and her becoming whole again.
She knew, whatever the critics said, that she needed to do what she did and be generous.

Be a thankful person today, it will lead to your wholeness, healing and restoration.

Pastor Gillian

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