Fresh Hope – 8th February 2019

A friend of mine recently bought a new car, and after marveling at the modern technology inside it, I decided to look at the important details of the car. Things like, how big the engine is, which say how fast it is. I was quite disappointed to find out that it had a small engine and thought to myself what a shame – it would probably struggle to go up a hill. That was until I turned the page. Not only was it fast, but it was kind to polar bear cubs and penguins whilst going fast – more fuel efficient.

A lot of times we think bigger is better, or that bigger can achieve more because, after all, might is right. But in 1 Samuel 17, a young shepherd called David approaches a fight with a giant called Goliath and in verse 40, chooses five small, smooth stones to go to battle with. This was against the advice of people who wanted him to use something bigger, because that’s what they would have used in his situation.

We each have five rocks that we lean on through life, relationships, careers, finances, health, and spiritual growth. Life would be great if all these were the biggest and best all the time. But difficult circumstances always seem to come up that can leave us washed up and worn out both physically and mentally, slowly chipping away at one or more of the rocks that hold us up.

David actually chose five huge rocks to fight Goliath. The only thing was, time in the water had eroded them, making them smaller. But at the same time, that made them more useful – imagine carrying and trying to throw a huge rock at Goliath! In the same way, times when God is removing dead weight and smoothing out the rough edges from us is never a bad thing, even though it feels like we’re becoming smaller.

Jesus made you big enough to overcome any giant that comes your way, and if you look up, you’ll find He is reaching down to pick you up just as you are, just when you think you’re now too weathered to be of any use to anyone.

Noble Mudenha

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