Fresh Hope – 26th August 2019

Some time back I spoke at our church on two evenings about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many people turned up and have since spoken of the impact of those two nights.

One of the things that was highlighted was that many people seek the more ‘spectacular’ gifts of the Holy Spirit of which there are nine mentioned in the Bible; included in the nine are the gift of miracles, the gift of healing and the gift of faith, However, the Bible doesn’t just stop there as it says there are different ‘kinds’ of gifts.

It surprises many when to hear that amongst those ‘other kinds of gifts’ are administration, encouragement, mercy, serving and giving.

I’m sure that you’ll agree that these other gifts hardly seem like supernatural, spiritual or spectacular as on face value they seem to be pretty standard things that anyone would do.

The point is this: how many of us today are feeling that we don’t possess a spiritual gift because we don’t do spectacular things and yet we daily do mundane yet meaningful and significant things?

Did you realise that encouragement was a spiritual gift?

What about serving others? A person who serves at our weekly soup kitchen is using their spiritual gift.

Showing mercy to other seems a pretty basic thing to do for any Christian, yet here we find that a person that does so is actually moving in a spiritual gift.

Being in a position to be ‘over and above’ generous, is given to some as a spiritual gift. They may think of themselves as just doing what they love to do, and yet here we find that it’s a gift that God has blessed them with.

I would encourage today not just to look for the spectacular, but look to serve God and others in whatever area you find your gift in.

Take time out to pray about, discover and discern what gift God has blessed you with…then use it!

Remember an unopened gift is worthless.

Pastor Mark

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