Fresh Hope – 29th February 2020

I heard a great quote this week from Bishop TD Jakes. He said “anyone can worship when things are going well, but only a real believer will worship when things aren’t.”

That’s so true.  When things suit you and are going well, then it’s easy to worship isn’t it? 
But when things aren’t going well? When someone is sick, you’ve lost your job, your marriage is all over the place, your children are not behaving as you’d like, you’ve lost a loved one, that’s when what is really in you, will come out. 
You see God wants us to have such a relationship of trust and love with him that WHATEVER is going on, I still have a heart to worship and say “thank you Jesus, you are good.”

Worship isn’t just about ‘doing’ it in Church when the mood takes us and we get carried along with everyone else. Worship is about what you do when you have an audience of one. Just you and God.  
God sees you, He hears you, He knows your thoughts and He knows your attitude.

I love the story of Jonah, but the bit I particularly love is when he is in the belly of the fish and he thinks he is just about to die (well who wouldn’t?!) when all is dark and he is extremely fearful, what does he do? He worships. It was that worship and repentance that God saw and acted upon. He got that fish to spit him out onto dry land. We all know that Jonah came out better, when he could have died bitter.  

So today, desire that relationship with God that says “no matter what, I will worship.”
God always responds to a worshipper. He can’t help it. He can change your situation in an instant because of worship.  

Pastor Gillian

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