Fresh Hope – 4th March 2020

Why is it important to God that we give? Surely as the creator of the universe, who can speak anything into being in an instant, He really doesn’t need us to be giving? Is He greedy? Does He want us to suffer? 

Of course not. 

There is one thing that God cannot make happen. He cannot make us love Him. He by choice has given us a gift called “free-will”… this means we have a choice as to if we love Him. If someone can’t freely choose to love someone, it’s not really love. It’s not love if God has to force us to love Him. 

Giving is a form of loving. It’s a free choice. We have the choice to give. When we give it’s an expression of our love for God. So really, when God asks us to give, it’s not our money He is after, He is after our heart. 

The seed you sowed yesterday is the harvest you are reaping today. The majority of Jesus’ parables were told using nature as a metaphor for kingdom principals. We get that a farmer has to invest seeds into the ground, in order to reap a crop in due season. Our money is the same, and anything else for that matter. Where we invest, is where we reap (2 Corinthians 9:6). 

The degree of seed we sow, is the degree of the harvest we reap. This means that even in times of struggle and challenge, we need to sow in order to secure our future. Giving when you are in need, when you don’t feel like it, when it’s inconvenient, is necessary in order to change the economic level of your life. Your short-term sacrifice, promises to reap reward. You can convince yourself otherwise, but it’s kingdom reality. Your circumstance can persuade you otherwise, but the word of God stands. 

Wealth is not determined by what you have, it’s about how you give. Can you love God in every season? 

Loving God freely is giving in all seasons. 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.