Fresh Hope – 10th March 2020

No matter how good we are, no matter how hard we try, and now matter how right we do things, be sure of this one thing…you will get offended! 
It’s never a case of if, but when, and before long (if it’s not already happened) you will also cause an offence.

I can’t think of one time in my life when I have woken up and thought, today is the day when I’m going to offend someone. I’ve never gone out of my way to offend, but I do know that I have offended quite a lot of people along the way. 
How do you offend people when you don’t set out to do so? My answer is simple—you can’t be alive and not offend anyone!  It’s inevitable. It happens to everyone and it happens as part of life. 

If you’ve been offended recently then take courage from the Bible…
Luke 17:1 Jesus said to his disciples: it is impossible that things that cause people to be offended won’t come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. 

Now that we know that we can’t protect ourselves from being offended, we have to prepare ourselves for when we are offended. 

Here are my thoughts…
-Chose not to carry the offence.
-Let go of the offence by quickly forgiving. 
-Don’t go around telling other people that you are offended, otherwise they too will become part of the offence. 

The golden rule is this: always be big enough to overlook an offence, but if you can’t deal with it successfully internally, then deal with it externally by privately addressing the offence with the person directly in a gracious and loving manner in order to resolve it.

Most of the time, offences come through simple misunderstandings, or by being misquoted or intentions being misconstrued.

None of these things are intentional, just inevitable. However, take special note of anyone that sets out to intentionally cause offence, be sure to stay well away from such a person. 

Don’t be an offence maker – just improve yourself in being an offence taker

Pastor Mark

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