Fresh Hope – 14th March 2020

At one of the entrances to our local mall there are five doors, one is an automatic door that is on a sensor, so it just opens and the other four, you have to physically open. This week when I visited, I was shocked to see people queueing to get through the door that was already open, no one was attempting to try the other doors, so I made a quick decision to bypass the queue and go right to another door and open it. It’s not rocket science!
‘How funny’, I thought, ‘that people would rather queue and wait for the door that’s open, than apply a little bit of effort and open one themselves!’
You see, not every door that you encounter will be open; sometimes you have to apply a little bit of effort to walk through.

The four guys who wanted to get their paralysed friend to see Jesus, had to get into the house with a lot of effort, because when they arrived, the place was full, it was heaving and they couldn’t even get through the door.. so did they give up? NO. Did they wait and queue? NO. They made a plan, climbed up to the roof, took off some tiles, lowered their friend through the roof (just imagine!) and got the miracle from Jesus. What a load of effort they put in, instead of a load of excuses. 

Why is it that we want doors to open all by themselves? Wouldn’t that be lovely, if that happened all of the time? No my friend, you have to apply a little bit of effort, a little bit of pressure, a little bit of time spent in prayer, maybe fasting, to get that door open. So don’t give up when it’s closed. Just because it’s closed, doesn’t mean to say it was locked. Why would you queue with a lot of other people, who are going to hold you up, when you can just walk right through? Today let’s not be lazy, but let’s continue to try a few doors. Let’s see them open in prayer.

As we approach this season of prayer and fasting as a church, let’s see that same resilience that those four men had to get their friend to Jesus. Today my friend, that door that you thought was locked, is probably not. It may just be shut…and you can see it open by prayer. 

Pastor Gillian

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