Fresh Hope – 20th March 2020

Remember playing hide and seek? Hide your eyes and count to ten while everyone rushes off to hide. ‘Coming, ready or not’. Hiding in a cupboard or under the bed, so still, frightened to breathe, hoping not to be discovered. 

I for one have spent a great deal of time in my life playing hide and seek with God. Holding my breath and hoping he won’t spot me in the cupboard under the stairs. 

The first question that God asks humanity is ‘Where are you?’. In Genesis 3:9 we see that Adam and Eve have eaten from the fruit that God commanded them not to eat. They are afraid and ashamed because they are naked, they hide themselves from God. He is walking in the garden and can’t find them, He calls out ‘where are you?’. God has been asking that same question since that moment – where are you?

I am pretty certain that every one of us has been naked at some point. However, Adam and Eve’s nakedness was about more than the lack of clothes. Adam and Eve were suddenly aware that they were vulnerable and weak; that they were less than perfect; ashamed of themselves and what they had done; afraid of God’s reaction and hiding themselves away. I am also pretty certain that most, if not all of us have felt like that at some point.

There are times in all our lives when we feel naked, less than perfect; afraid, vulnerable and ashamed. 

Even then God still calls out to us ‘where are you?’. Just like Adam and Eve we try to hide from God. Perhaps unintentionally in the busyness of our lives. Or maybe intentionally, because we don’t want to do what He is asking of us.

The whole story of the Bible from that point on is about God’s incredible love for us and his search to find us. If in Genesis we see the first three words that God spoke to humanity at the other end of the story there are three more words that God speaks in form of Jesus ‘It is finished’ (John 19:30).

What was ‘finished’? His search for us was over. He came down to earth so that we can know him and he paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be reunited with God. Nothing we have done or can ever do will separate us from the love of God again.

Richard Ashmore

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