Fresh Hope – 24th March 2020

The job of the News reader is to read news. The job of the media is to report on the news. The job of the politician is to lead the country as best as they can in the light of the news. You will more than likely know all that there is to know about the coronavirus through these various means. We all know how bad it is out there right now. Our hearts truly go out to those that have lost loved ones or those that are suffering.

My job is not to do their Job. My job is to be ahope dealer

In doing my job, I want you to put on your God glasses today. Get God’s perspective. The glasses you wear have the ability to change what you see. Change what you see today by looking through the lens of God’s word -The Bible. 

Question: How many of you for years have been saying to yourself, “If only I could press pause on my life, If only I could get out of the rat race, if only I could spend more time at home looking after the kids?” Well here is your wish come true!
With the measures that have been put in place and with a lockdown this week, the reality is that the whole world has been gifted with a huge pause button that’s been pressed for us. Hidden in this crisis is a gift. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to re-set your life right now. Here is a gift to help you re-discover who you are and what’s important in your life. It’s an opportunity to sit down and think. Think about your priorities and where your life is going. 
You are gifted right now with a once in a life time opportunity to do meaningful things with your children and family. You now have the chance to ask yourself ‘what do I really believe?’ ‘Where is my faith in all of this right now?’

You are being gifted with the opportunity and the desire to read the Bible and to pray like never before. This is truly a gift to discover, rediscover and draw close to Jesus.
Friends, this pause button will soon disappear, and it won’t just be PLAY that will be pressed, but it will be FAST FORWARD. Make sure that you never go back to how you once were before. Get your life back on track in this season. 
I’m asking you to make Psalm 91 your lens through which you see the world right now. Pick up your Bible and turn to it.
V3 says ‘…that surely he will save me from the deadly pestilence( a fatal epidemic disease’) – This is no surprise to God. 
V5 ‘..You will not fear the terror of night, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, or the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you’. 
Get God’s perspective today and put on those faith glasses. 

If you need a Bible then simply reach out and request one by going to

Pastor Mark

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