Fresh Hope – 28th March 2020

What happens when you feel like giving up? When you feel like you’ve tried and tried and prayed and prayed, but you can’t see much happening or you can’t see anything happening. 

Here’s something to help. In Matthew 7 vs 7-12,  Jesus teaches about prayer.  

Why? Not only to help us, but to teach us that there are different levels to praying .

It tells us to ask and it will be given, seek and you will find and knock and the door will be opened to us. 

I can ask you for something and hopefully you’ll give it to me (if I ask nicely and say please).  That’s like prayer sometimes, we can just ask and we immediately receive.  I love those sorts of prayers!

Then there’s the word ‘seek’. It’s like playing the game hide and seek. You won’t find the person straight away (unless you cheat), you have to put a little effort in to find them. 

That’s like prayer sometimes, you don’t always see the answer straight away. You have to seek a little.  Put some time and energy in. 

Then there’s ‘knock’, which speaks about persistence.  

There’s a story in Luke 18 about a lady who was persistent with a judge because she wanted mercy. It says she went to his house and kept knocking and knocking till she got her answer.  It tells us that he didn’t answer her because he liked her, no in fact it tells us he didn’t fear God or people, but he eventually answered her request because she was annoying and persisting and she wouldn’t go away. 

Notice what it says in verse 1 “Jesus told them this story so that they could see it was important to pray and not give up.” So Jesus told them this story to teach them about how important it is to persist in prayer!


before you feel like giving up, have you tried all three?


Because if something is worth anything, then it’s worth praying for, waiting for and fighting for. 

I like to think like this…


Pray Until Something Happens

Pastor Gillian
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