Fresh Hope – 2nd April 2020

Isolation is not a bad thing. Apart from the obvious fact that social distancing is preventing other people from getting ill, it has personal benefits too. 

Yes, the human spirit needs social interaction, and people, and community, but sometimes we also need to just get away and isolate. 

Jesus had to isolate many times in his ministry. He understood that it was in getting alone that He could be ‘re-filled’ to go out again, more powerful and more effective than if He hadn’t isolated. 

For the first time ever, the world has had to stop and has been forced to rest.  Yes, it isn’t under ideal circumstances, but let’s not waste this opportunity. Make the most of this once in a lifetime moment to process things that you have been sweeping under the rug. Deal with personal issues that the business of life has kept you from facing. Sit alone with God and ask him to speak. Spend the extra time exploring the scriptures at a deeper level. Have a phone conversation with someone you have been putting off talking to. Re-evaluate your priorities. Process your plans for the future. Give your soul the rest it needs. 

It is okay to be bored. In fact, creativity, brain repair, and healthy emotional processing actually stem from boredom and those ‘nothing’ moments! This crisis could actually be a catalyst for some healing in our lives! 

Hurried and clogged-up schedules had become the normal pace of life and it is time to stop and do some work on the more simple and meaningful parts of our lives and hearts. 

Like a caterpillar self-isolates in its cocoon before returning to the world as a beautiful butterfly, may we to emerge from this crisis, better than when we started!  

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.